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About Krishi Pathshala

We envision a sustainable and dependable livelihood for farmers through Good Agriculture Practices. Thus, aim to conduct workshops on Good Agriculture Practices, Cultivation and Yield enhancing techniques for agriculturist and entrepreneurs.
Farmers need to develop their entrepreneurial and managerial skills to take informed decisions and make agriculture viable business proposition. They need to be educated on wide range of aspects of trade and marketing to avail opportunities being created by changes taking place in domestic and global market. The farmers need orientation at every stage to get access to high value agricultural commodity chains.
We have introduced the concept of Krishi Pathshala to cater to the wide range of requirements of the farming community mainly smallholders to facilitate them to integrate with high value agri-commodity chains.

The farmers have to become better mangers, be more competitive and improve their efficiency and profitability on limited resources. The Krishi Pathshala concept will enable farmers at village level to learn and improve their knowledge, change their attitude and enhance their skills towards improved farm business with better market linkages resulting in increased income. The concept of Krishi Pathshala envisages working with farmers to strengthen their knowledge and skills to make framing a profitable venture. The classes will be conducted in their local environment, since the programme takes the school to the farmers.

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